Maritime Armour

Advanced Structural composite armour for maritime applications.


The Armourer's Choice offers a unique combination of metal, ceramic and composite material configurations for lightweight, low-cost, and superior performance in the range of B4 and B7 levels of protection. Sea, Air, Land, Orbital (SALO) plate leverages a decade's worth of research and development in a novel resin material that enables a marked decrease in weight, thickness, and cost without compromise to performance. Plate dimensions are available in 1-meter by 1-meter square configurations, in maximum thicknesses of 17 mm or less depending on the level of protection required. Contact AC for further details and options that suit your protection requirements.

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How is our armour different?

Combat Ready System

Modular and deployable, our SALO armour system offers the flexibility to retrofit any platform with BR7 level armour where it is required. Our system is structural in nature, making it the only Applique to structural replacement system on the market currently.

Robust and Durable

Our maritime armour system offers resistance to the high vibration and torsional loads that a vessel is put under during everyday use.

Partners in Protection

We have partnered with an industry leader in ballistic glazings to provide a complete solution to the Maritime industry. JNI, LLC can support any of your engineered glazing requirements for transparent armour systems. 


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