Facility Security Armour

When seconds count and ballistics matter.

Facility security globally is of great concern, whether it be from forced entry, vehicle bomb or suicide bomber these threats are real and ever-present.

Our composite technology mitigates these concerns by providing the highest quality protection in the lowest weight to cost ratio available on the market. And being that our materials are structural you are able to construct the facility out of our materials directly for the added benefit of integrated protection.

Armourer's Choice has achieved a new level of armour innovation with its unique patent-protected polymer - Lighter, Stronger and more cost-effective than current technologies available. Gain a true advantage in hostile environments when every choice matters.

Advanced Composite Armour

Applications for our Composite Armour Systems

SD-STD-01.01 Rev. G

Forced Entry and Ballistic Resistance of Structural Systems

We have tested and Qualified to the above standard for forced entry protection and Ballistic rating. Providing a turnkey "Structural Armour" design to eliminate building materials.

Building Design

Structural Composite

From the Architect to the Framer the armour system can be incorporated into Facilities and structures as either an add-on component or a structural component.


Bolt on Kit Design Available

The SALO Plate Panels can be Water-Jet cut to your specific needs to meet your specified threats. From Earth to Space the composite armour solution offered by Armourer's Choice is the only choice.

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